The Engagement House Bedroom Updates

Bedroom #2

Here’s a quick look at the before and after of bedroom #2.

From that angle, it looks like mostly cosmetic changes were made. However, looking back towards the door is where the real change happened. We took out a hallway closet and took space from this bedroom to create an upstairs laundry room. Doing this gave symmetry to the bedroom entryway, which I’m always a fan of. You can’t tell in any of these pictures, but we also removed a closet from this bedroom and gave it to bedroom #3. Every bedroom in this house had two closets when we bought it. We ended up using the extra space from the second closet in every bedroom, so when we were done, all bedrooms had just one closet.

Bedroom #3

I only have before and after pictures of this bedroom from this angle, which again looks like we only did cosmetic work to this room.

The real work was in the closets! We took a closet out of bedroom #2 and gave it to this bedroom. Then, we used the two original closets in this bedroom for a hallway linen closet (we just flipped the door from the bedroom to the hall), and the other original closet we used for the new upstairs laundry room.

I wish I had a final picture from this angle, but pretty much all that’s missing is the refinished floors.

Bedroom #4

All of the bedrooms in this house were massive, so we decided to split bedroom #4 in half and use half of it as the new master closet. Even after taking half of it away, it was still an average sized bedroom, and getting a massive walk-in master closet was totally worth it. Here’s a look at where we split it.

You can see where we took out one of the old master closets and gave it to this room (on the right of the “after” picture). Initially I wanted to close it off in fear of having an awkward little nook, but it would’ve been wasted space behind a wall.

Here’s another angle of it from start to finish:

I’m happy we kept the nook after all. It’s big enough to fit a dresser, a desk, a changing table, etc.

So much closet work on this house!!! It all worked out though and we couldn’t love it more.