The Engagement House Basement Updates

The basement was totally unfinished when we bought the house. We decided to finish half of it and leave the other half for utilities and storage. To finish this space, we had to move the furnace to the other side of the basement. Unfortunately, the water line was on this side too, but couldn’t be moved, so we made a small storage closet to hide the water line and water heater. Not ideal, but sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles….ya know?!

Here’s a different view of the same space, this time looking back towards the stairs. We opened up the stairs to make the space seem bigger and more connected, and bonus: to make it easier to move furniture down into the basement.

This is the other side of the stairs, which we finished too. The doorway on the left led to the unfinished side, but we already had a door to the unfinished side, so we opted to close this one in and make more wall space for furniture. I love the curved walls down here, so I was happy to keep those!

Same room, but looking back towards the stairs. When we bought the house, you couldn’t see the stairs from this view, it was just a narrow doorway. We opened up the wall to expose the staircase and it made a huge difference.

And just for a full picture, the unfinished side! The doorway on the left we closed in. The new furnace was installed in the back left corner. You can also see some new plumbing installed.

Can’t wait to show you guys the other rooms in this house!