The Engagement House Kitchen Updates

Kitchen Updates

You know what they say…kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. This kitchen needed a serious update. It was old, dark, and small. There was a bulkhead above all the cabinets that I didn’t like. The cabinets had been painted (and not well) and had serious wear and tear. The appliances didn’t match…I could go on and on, but you get the point. It needed a full gut. We demolished it down to studs and found alllllllllll the mouse poop and even a couple of carcasses. YUCK.

To make the kitchen bigger, we decided to remove a load bearing wall between the family room and the kitchen. We recessed a few LVL’s to support the load and it made a heck of a difference in the look of the main floor. Here’s the before and after:

We also opened up the stairs, which added to the change, but isn’t that wild what removing one 12’ span of wall can do to the overall look? Here’s another angle. The wall used to be just to the left of the pantry doors, right off that corner. I don’t have a before shot of this angle because it would just be a very close up picture of the wall that used to be here, ha!

The window above the sink in the before picture below is about where the range hood is in the after picture. The far right window in the before picture is where the french doors are now.

In this before photo, the alarm system box on the wall is where the light switch is to the right of the pantry in the after picture.

I’ll let the rest of the before and after pictures do the talking!