Buying the Engagement House and Before Pictures

Mike and I sold our first remodel house in December of 2017 and were on the hunt for our next one. We spent some time doing research online and compiling a list of houses that were options. In early February, we took a day and saw 15 houses. The very first one we saw peaked our interest. After seeing all of the other houses and not finding one that was as interesting as the first, we ran some numbers and decided to make an offer. The house was priced at $335,000. It had been on the market for months so we knew we had some negotiating power. We weren’t comfortable offering full price anyways; we didn’t think the house was worth that much and it needed a lot of work. We offered what we felt comfortable with and unfortunately, they didn’t accept it. They countered back at $330,000, but we just didn’t feel comfortable paying that much, so we walked away. No hard feelings, we just chalked it up as not meant to be. A couple weeks later, we got a call from their realtor saying that they really wanted to make a deal and they’d be willing to come down to $305,000 if we were still interested. Now that was a number we were comfortable with. We accepted at $305,000 and bought our next remodel house! We closed in March and have been working hard transforming it! See below for before pictures. Can’t wait to show you guys the after pictures of this one. I think it’s going to be a pretty one!