The House Next Door Basement Updates

Right before we closed on the house, we did a final walkthrough. When we got to the house, we realized there was no power and as a result the basement had flooded. The previous owners had turned off the electricity to the house and there was no battery backup for the sump pump, so it had no power for days. Knowing what the problem was, we closed on the house anyways and went right to work cleaning up the basement. It wasn’t a bad flood; no standing water, just a bit of water near the sump pit. We ended up installing a new larger sump pump and a battery backup.

We finished one half of the basement, and left the other side as a storage/work room area. We also replaced the windows and replaced all of the plumbing and electric (not only in the basement, but in the whole house!).

We installed an in-wall cabinet on the finished side of the basement to house electronic components. We ran HDMI behind the wall to the cabinet so you could mount a TV and have no wires hanging (that’s a personal pet peeve of mine!). We also installed the recessed lights on three different zones to allow for flexibility when watching a movie and/or entertaining.

Lastly, we made the bottom of the basement stairs open for ease of moving furniture in and out. We opened up the top of the stairs to give the main floor a more open floor plan.